Omnichannel 3D Automation Software

Omnichannel 3D Automation Software

Software That Brings Your Products To Life

Software That Brings Your Products To Life

Our software creates 3D assets that are ready to plug into immersive web, augmented reality and virtual reality experiences proven to more than double conversion rates. Our patented platform expedites asset optimization and conversion – reducing the manual labor for processing, creating, and managing 3D assets by up to 95%.

3D Fully Automated

3D Fully Automated

It’s Faster

We’ve made content creation faster and more efficient for 3D artists, with auto optimization that reduces files sizes by up to 99% with zero data loss or shape distortion and auto-conversion that allows you to export your 3D model to all major file formats for AR, VR, & 3D on the web (Unity Asset Bundle, Unity Asset Package, USDZ, GLTF, with more coming soon!).


Our CMS makes 3D asset management simple. Role-based access makes it easy for your team to control versioning and access to assets. Tagging and grouping allows your entire library to be easily searched, making sure everyone finds the approved 3D model they need.

More Powerful

We make it painless to integrate your 3D assets into your interactive experiences. Our robust API allows you to serve assets at runtime and can also integrate into existing CMSs & PLMs. To have a 3D version of your product on a website, simply copy and paste the embed code.

See What’s Possible

Services & Support

Here you can find all the virtual information we have related to our software. But if you would prefer to speak to us IRL, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-VNTANA-Support


What file types can I upload?

FBX, OBJ, or STL can all be uploaded for conversion. They can either be the straight file with embedded textures, or a .zip file containing the 3D model file and external textures. Currently optimization only works with FBX, but OBJ and STL will be added next month!

What are the output file types?

1. Optimized version of original file type (FBX, OBJ, or STL)
2. GLB
4. Unity Asset Bundle
5. Unity Package

More file types will be added very soon!

What is an Organization?

The Organization is the overarching account workspace associated with the subscription. This is the umbrella for all users, clients, products, etc. When you sign up for an account, you are creating an Organization to hold all of your users, Clients, Products, and more. Organization has a unique slag assigned to it that can also be defined by the administrator during the signup process.

What is a Client?

A Client is a division or sub-unit of your organization. The Client helps to organize products by purpose, department, or project so that they can be easily managed and updated.

What is a Product?

A Product is a single 3D model that you have uploaded and the system has optimized (if desired), converted, and stored. You will be able to access the Product on the VNTANA Web Portal, can change its setting from Draft to Live, download the converted file types, and serve them through the public VNTANA Search API . You can add custom Attributes, Locations, and Tags to your Products for filtering purposes.

How does the software know how to optimize my model correctly?

VNTANA’s proprietary algorithm first understands the shape of your model and then calculates the minimum number of vertices to create that same shape based on your accuracy requirement. This results in 70-90% size reduction with minimum shape distortion and 0% shape accuracy loss if accuracy level is set to 0%.

What is Conversion?

Our proprietary Conversion service takes your 3D model and seamlessly transforms it into a wide selection of other 3D model formats for use in Unity, AR, mobile, web, and more.

How do I manage my billing and subscription?

Click on the Manage button in the lower left-hand corner of the Portal. From there, you can update your Billing information and change your Subscription level.

How do I optimize my 3D models?

When you optimize your file, you are given two parameters to customize your optimized output: Simplification and Accuracy.

  1. Simplification is the amount you want to decrease your file size by (20%, 50%, etc.)
  2. Accuracy is the degree of accuracy to your original model’s shape that you want to preserve.

The greater the simplification desired, the higher chance there will be some distortion of the original model. By setting an Accuracy setting, you will override the overall Simplification percentage in favor of maintaining more accuracy.

Why is my asset not uploading?

Please make sure your file is a file type we support (FBX, OBJ or STL), and is within our upload size limit (250MB). Additionally, if uploading a .zip file, make sure it only contains the 3D model file and the associated textures – remove any extraneous files.

Why won’t my asset convert?

Please ensure that your file was exported following our best practice suggestions and follows our current release notes, both of which can be found here.
If your asset is still having issues, please contact Support.

Why isn’t my asset smaller in size after optimizing it?

Please check your Simplification and Accuracy settings, and try the following:

  1. Reduce the Simplification setting further.
  2. Reduce the Accuracy setting. If your Accuracy setting is set too high, it will override the Simplification setting and prevent much optimization from taking place.

Do you have an API?

This is coming very soon! If you have questions now please contact us here.

What are best practices to export files from other 3D programs to upload to VNTANA?

All best practice documentation for exporting assets from common 3D modeling software can be found here.

How do I upload an asset with textures?

Either embed the textures in your asset or upload a ZIP file containing your asset and all the textures it references.

Can I upload assets with animations?

Unfortunately we do not support animations at this time, but this will be coming very soon!

What browsers are supported?

As of March 6, 2020:

Chrome – Latest (current latest: 80)
Firefox – Latest (current latest: 73)
Safari – Latest (current latest: 13)
Edge – Latest (current latest: 80)