Browzwear VStitcher Export Guidelines

Here are two presets that you can add to VStitcher to ensure you are exporting the correct file:

Here’s a quick video on how to import a preset into VStitcher:

Here are the manual steps for exporting a file for the VNTANA Platform from VStitcher:

  1. Click File > Export
  2. Select GLB

For export settings, you will want to make sure you have selected:

  • Avatar (optional)
  • Garment Inside
  • Garment Thickness
  • Scale – x 1
  • Baked Textures
    • PNG
  • DPI – 100
  • Single UV Layout per Piece
    • Keep Proportions (0-1)
  • Alpha Mode
    • If the fabric is TRANSPARENT, select “BLEND”
    • If the fabric is opaque, select “OPAQUE”

Click “EXPORT” and upload the exported GLB to the VNTANA Platform.

Here is a quick video showing the above listed steps for exporting a file from VStitcher for the VNTANA Platform: