A Little About VNTANA

There’s a reason we’re the best at what we do. VNTANA’s team is one of the most passionate, talented and diverse in our space. With backgrounds in design, systems integration, software and game development, business strategy and even some licensed pyrotechnicians our clients can be sure that they are using the latest and greatest hologram technology.

VNTANA is an Augmented Reality platform designed to help CMOs create engaging experiences, generate leads, and convert sales. VNTANA’s patented scalable hologram hardware and software is the only system on the market that allows consumers to interact with holograms of their favorite athlete, celebrity or product without wearables while capturing real-time data on the consumers.


VNTANA is the world’s only provider of interactive holograms. Don’t make your customers watch the show, put them INTO the show with VNTANA’s patented hologram software.

Customer Service

We’re known as “the friendly hologram company“ because we’re dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service throughout the entire hologram experience from ideation to execution.

Premium Content

VNTANA’s industry-leading content capture platform delivers the highest fidelity hologram content on the market. Combined with our patent-pending LED display methodologies, VNTANA is able to produce the most lifelike holograms on the market.

No Wearables

Unlike other hologram companies, everything we create is viewable and jaw-dropping to the naked eye. No tricks, no goggles, just pure astonishment.

Group Experience

Whether it’s an individual interacting with the hologram displays or a large group of people, VNTANA’s holograms always draw a crowd.


Bringing the impossible to life is the norm at VNTANA. We’re constantly raising the bar with every new engagement and have omitted the word “no” from our vocabulary.