Customers crave to be part of an experience.

Don’t just sell your product to people…give them an unforgettable experience they want to take home!

The best form of engagement? Throw your customers right into the action! Show them what they are missing through fun, social group experiences they can share with friends. Your customers become an integral part of the ad and leave with a personalized, branded piece of content.

VNTANA hologram displays follow the traditional digital display advertising model with the added benefit of trackable data for ROI :

  • Interactive hologram content is pushed through the VNTANA cloud platform and can be changed at anytime similar to digital billboards today allowing for evergreen marketing opportunities
  • Hologram displays come in two sizes to fit your exact advertising needs.
    • The smaller, versatile Z display is ideal for terminal locations
    • The Life-size display can turn an empty storefront into interactive advertising revenue

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