“With every brand vying for people’s attention, messages on a screen no longer stand out. That’s why some brands are turning to augmented reality, and the possibilities opened up by holograms of famous personalities. Hence, augmented Reality hologram company, VNTANA, has seen its popularity rise exponentially. This has enabled VNTANA to continue on boarding brands like Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz and Pepsi to engage and collect data on potential customers.” – Direct Marketing News

Direct Marketing News spoke with Ashley Crowder, VNTANA’s CEO and Co-Founder about how brands make themselves stand out – literally – with holograms. Holograms are “effective for any public face where brands trying to engage with consumers in the moment” Crowder said. She also spoke about VNTANA partnering with brands like Disney and AT+T for Comic-Con 2017 to leave attendees “wowed”.

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