September 5, 2018
Entrepreneur Network By Business Rockstars

Ashley Crowder speaks about her experience experimenting with new ideas and considering each opportunity as they come.

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Business Rockstars sits down for an interview with Ashley Crowder, the CEO of Vntana, an experiential interactive hologram company.

Crowder recounts how in the early days of the business, getting the word out was not simple. The founder recalls visiting close to 104 night clubs between Singapore and Japan in just 42 days with her business partner, admittedly staying in some “pretty terrible places,” Crowder managed to travel the entire time with just $5,000 and add new clients by the end of the trip.

There won’t be any one person who can make the right introduction to launch your business to profitability, and there is no individual event that will take your company’s name to new heights. The real difference happens over the course of a company’s evolution and overall journey.

To hear more from Crowder’s entrepreneurial story, click the video above or click HERE.

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