Backstreet Boys have and will always be my favorite boy band group in the entire world. Which is why I was ecstatic to attend the press preview for their new Grammy Museum exhibit.

Come along with me as I reminisce and feel like a teenager again to survive and thrive.

The Backstreet Boys exhibit at the Grammy Museum opened with the infamous button-down shirts and slacks they wore for their music video, Quit Playing Games with my Heart.

I instantly went back to when I first watched said video and fell in love with BSB.

The exhibit, which runs from April 10th ’til Sept. 2nd, includes different tour looks, a wall of fan memorabilia, including this book that I’ve seen at the 99 cent store on multiple occasions, a FREE sticker machine (I have every member) and a really cool hologram of the guys to name a few things.

Yes, A.J. (my favorite), Nick, Kevin, Howie, and Brian have been turned into an interactive hologram that will serenade you a tune and allow you to take a selfie with them. It’s designed by Vntana and can only be seen and used at the Grammy Museum.

“It’s so surreal and vibrant. It really gives you the feeling of being right next to us. We love it, and our fans are going to love it.” Nick Carter said about going digital.

It felt nice to have the boys sing to me; but, I have to go back because I’ve thought of a new pose that I want to use in a new photo.

If you’re a true Backstreet Boys fan, I definitely recommend visiting this exhibit. There’s a reason why the guys have been around for 26 years.