The Most Integrated and Experiential Bar, Re:Match, Now Open at The LINQ Experience + Casino

VNTANA and LINQ Casino Launch World’s First Game Playing Hologram

LAS VEGAS (May 22, 2019) – The latest evolution of gaming and entertainment is set to debut with the opening of Re:Match at The LINQ Hotel + Experience. Enhancing the traditional casino lounge and bar experience, Re:Match features an indoor/outdoor setting directly on the famed Las Vegas Strip and is designed for guests to engage and interact with the environment. With 27 touch screens that create a cohesive underwater world, Re:Match is a first-of-its-kind marvel.

HOLOGRAM GAMING: Another first-of-its-kind on the Las Vegas Strip, a new gaming experience challenges you to test your luck against a hologram. Located in the center of the casino, play one of three different games:

  • Tic tac toe – play this classic game against a stone monster, futuristic robot, or even a crafty velociraptor.
  • Paper, Rock, Scissors – a new twist on an old favorite. Can you beat the computer with one hand?  Both?  It’s more challenging than you think!
  • Pop ‘em – Pop as many balloons as you can within the time limit, but watch out for the score-busting bombs!

All games capture a moment from the game you can share on social media with your friends.

Created by VNTANA, this is the first-ever, gesture-controlled hologram game and marks the first time that hologram gaming has been introduced in a casino. In addition to the games, don’t miss the Beat Matching Dancer Hologram that will dazzle guests with electrifying movements that move with the beat of the music and features life-sized digital dancers.